IK, Manchester: “Our daughter was suffering with alopecia (hair loss). This was very distressing for us as she had huge bald patches on her head which where getting progressively worse. We had been referred to a dermatologist by our local GP who then examined the hair to the roots. The dermatologist was unsure of the cause of the hair loss but said the hair roots were still visible and the hair should return but no timescale as to when.

Over the next few months there was no improvement and we requested a blood test at the surgery to check for an iron defiency. It was established Safiya was lacking in iron. She was supplemented with iron for around 3 months but with no improvement to the hair condition. We went back to our GP and requested to be referred back to the dermatologist. In the meantime we heard about Sarah via a health conference I attended. I contacted Sarah and an appointment was made to see her.

My wife was very impressed with her care, Safiya’s full history was given to Sarah and Sarah then went on time write a diet plan. Safiya had been suffering with some slight irritation/rashes on the skin and Sarah suggested it may be linked to the cows milk which she was having. Sarah wrote a full diet plan for Safiya which basically contained foods and a few supplements to help strengthen her immune system. We stuck by this plan and still follow it up to this day. After a few months results were seen. Amazingly Safiya’s hair started to show signs of improvement, her rashes cleared up and she was also suffering with on/off constipation and this too cleared. The hair continued to grow and now Safiya has around 95% of her hair back !! and she has had her first hair cut today !!!!!.

We were very impressed with the plan set by Sarah who showed a lot of care and provided us with explanation of the plan. I would certainly recommend Sarah to anybody as she works with a high level of care and takes a natural safe approach to acheiving good health and combating illness.”

Author: Sarah Hanratty

Sarah is a specialist practitioner at the Brain Food Clinic. She has a degree in Nutritional Medicine and is a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner. Sarah helps people to overcome physical and mental health issues using bespoke nutritional protocols.

2 Replies to “Testimonial – Alopecia.”

  1. Wow! Fantastic outcome. Great job, Sarah!

    1. It was indeed! Thank you.

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