One of my pet peeves is quick and easy weight loss solutions because weight gain will always follow a quick fix. Usually the weight you gain is more than you lost to begin with, leaving you perpetually relying on the multi-million pound dieting industry.
For many people losing weight is not easy. If a diet that excludes sugary foods, prioritises protein and limits starchy carbohydrates doesn’t result in weight loss than chances are your body is not burning fat for a REASON.

If we are perpetually stressed/busy/”I haven’t got time to stop and breathe” then your body will store fat.

If we skip meals and use coffee/smoking/alcohol as a prop then you will store fat.

If we are overloaded with toxins that our liver cannot process then we will store fat. Likewise toxin exposure can make our thyroid function inefficient too and, yes, we will store fat.

If we take our calorie intake too low, guess what, your will store fat.

In these instances we need to support the body before it will burn fat. Which makes the question – ‘how can I lose weight quickly’ a tricky one to answer.

So, because I get asked about this topic ALL THE TIME, here are my top 5 supplements to help with weight loss when weight loss is really, really HARD.

1. Guggulu – Like so many herbal ayurvedic remedies exactly how Guggulu works is a bit of a mystery. In my experience it helps to sets to work on the hormones involved in appetite regulation as well supporting fat metabolism. This is a good choice if appetite control is an issue, as is the next on the list….

2.Garcinia Cambogia Plus. This is a good for appetite control but with an added bonus this one contains chromium which helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. If you have stubborn fat around the middle and tend to get ‘hangry’ between meals this might just help!

3.Nettle and Kelp products – If you find that you have extra weight in the lower legs and ankles then it could be that your body is holding on to excess water. A simple natural diuretic like nettle can help eliminate the water ASAP. The kelp in this product gives a gentle boost to metabolism whilst the nettle eliminates water retention –

4. Nutri Advanced Ultra Clear – if you suffer hard with hangovers, have dry itchy skin or acne, get nauseous easily or are sensitive to chemicals then a liver support ‘shake’ that can double as a meal replacement will help support your detox systems

5. TH Intensive – if you can’t lose weight even if you don’t actually eat and you have a low body temperature, constipation or hair loss/loss of outer third of your eyebrow. Then you are in need of some thyroid support! This powdered supplement gives your body key nutrients to support thyroid function

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Author: Sarah Hanratty

Sarah is a specialist practitioner at the Brain Food Clinic. She has a degree in Nutritional Medicine and is a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner. Sarah helps people to overcome physical and mental health issues using bespoke nutritional protocols.

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