Gut and psychology syndrome (GAPS)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

“The gaps diet has changed us as a family! My 13 month old granddaughter is a credit to Gaps…..
she is now thriving! My grandson is also doing much better after removing gluten from his diet. We are all doing so much better ….
and are passionate about gaps.”

A natural way to manage autism, ADHD, depression, bi-polar, chronic fatigue syndrome and auto-immune disorders.

GAPS is a nutritional protocol devised by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride based on her clinical work with individuals with autism. She found that many of her patients with autism also had digestive disturbances. Dr Campbell McBride found that when gut health improved in these individuals behavioral and sensory issues would also improve. 

Through her clinical work she found that the same protocol was also successful in improving symptoms of depression, ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia and eating disorders.

The theory that there is a strong gut-brain connection has been mostly overlooked, but now, Dr Campbell McBride’s work is gaining popularity with people all over the world

Leaky Gut – altered intestinal permeability.

A number of lifestyle and dietary factors can promote permeability in our gut wall and an
imbalanced bowel flora. When the gut wall is ‘leaky this allows undigested food proteins into our bloodstream where they react with our immune system and affect liver function. In susceptible individuals these toxins can cross a weakened blood/brain barrier and provoke symptoms of mental illness. Dr Campbell McBride has coined the phrase Gut and Psychology Syndrome to describe what is happening in these individuals.

The level of toxicity created by a dysfunctional gut can have a profound effect on other body systems. There are many people who also have digestive dysfunction described above but their symptoms do not manifest in mental illness. Instead these individuals may suffer with IBS, celiac disease, allergies, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and other auto-immune disorders. Other symptoms tend to include fatigue, digestive disorders, muscular weakness and hormonal imbalances. These come under the umbrella term ‘gut and physiology syndrome’. Often there is overlap between the
psychology and physiology syndromes.

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