• Before you begin ...

    Some information gathering and homework to help you prepare.

  • The Foundations.

    The foods to include, reduce and avoid to build your own personalised nutrition programme. Learn about how to create a happy mood using food as your tool.

  • Amino acids and mood therapy

    Why amino acids are important and use our tools to identify if you might benefit from amino acid therapy.

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  • The fats of the matter

    Understand how imbalances in fats can impact on mental well-being. Discover you have an imbalance and learn which fats you should never exclude from your diet.

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  • Digestion matters

    Digestion is the cornerstone to good mental and physical health. We give you the tools to identify specific issues with your digestion, absorption and gut health to figure out if this is impacting on your well-being. We also provide the tools for you to rectify these issues using your own personalised nutrition plan.

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  • The role of stress

    The role of adrenal health in the development of mood disorders. We help you to identify if this is a problem for you. We give you tools to support your adrenal health using simple techniques.

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  • The role of thyroid hypofunction

    Understand how sub-clinical thyroid function can impact on mood and motivation. We give you the tools to screen for possible issues and guidance on supporting this through your own personalised plan.

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  • Further imbalances

    MTHFR and Pyroluria, how to test for these and what to do to support them.

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