“……I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah as a nutritionist to anyone – but specifically GAPS. Thank you Sarah – you’ve helped save my family – there’s never been a truer phrase – you are what you eat!”

Nutrition Consultations

One-to-one consultations allow us to focus on your specific needs. We will discuss your current and previous health issues and undercover any underlying biochemical imbalances that might be contributing to your symptoms/illness. At the end of our first consultation we will have put in place an individualised programme to help you move forward.

We will review your progress 6-8 weeks later with a follow-up consultation. This gives us the opportunity to make any necessary changes to the programme to optimise your progress.

Initial Consultations – £90
Follow-up consultations – £50

Gut and Psychology Syndrome Consultations

If you want advice on starting, continuing or tailoring the GAPS protocol to meet your specific needs then book a consultation with our certified GAPS practitioner. Consultations last up to an hour and a half, during this time we will discuss your issues and the most appropriate way forward for you. After the consultation your practitioner will forward a written report to you detailing your individualised approach to GAPS. It is possible to conduct these consultations by telephone if you are unable to attend the Birmingham or Cheshire clinics but you still want to receive this specialised advice.

Initial Consultations – £90
Follow-up consultations – £50

3-day Meal Plan

Are you looking for a fully-analysed meal plan? Do you need to gain weight? Lose weight? Build muscle? We can provide you with an individualised plan carefully calculated for your needs.
3 Day Bespoke Meal Plan – £60

Dietary Analysis

Ever wondered whether your diet is good enough? Are you getting too many calories? Enough protein? Too little iron or zinc? Let us take the guess work away from you with out dietary analysis service. Tell us what you’ve eaten and we’ll tell you if it meets current recommendations in fats, carbs, protein, calories, vitamins and minerals.

Dietary Analysis – £60

Menu Analysis

We are able to analyse the nutrient content of menus for nurseries, schools and other institutions. We compare the nutrient levels to government recommended guidelines and those recommended by an expert committee, so you can be sure your menus provide the right nutrients for the right age group.

Menu Analysis (based on a two week menu) – £200