We can offer consultancy services to caterers providing meals to school children.

The amount of children requiring specific diets to manage health conditions from allergies to diabetes has risen dramatically.

We can help you to meet these specific needs by providing expert guidance and analysis. We can also cover medical needs such as texture modification and macro-nutrient analysis, ketogenic approaches and low sodium. If carbohydrates need to be counted to accommodate children with diabetes we can do that too. We can help identify the presence of non-common allergens in products and recipes too for children with that need.

We can analyse recipes, run reports and liaise with kitchens to allow for the safe preparation of special menus as well as making sure that the recipes used are nutritionally complete.
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All consultations will take place by Zoom, Skype or phone until further notice.If you would like to book a consultation or have questions about whether we can help you, do get in touch.