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Sarah Hanratty
Sarah HanrattyClinical Nutritionist and Certified GAPS Practioner
Sarah has been helping people to get the best out of the GAPS Protocol since 2012. Combining her knowledge and skills as a Clinical Nutritionist she is able to identify specific needs and help people on their journey to recovery. If you want to speak to Sarah about the GAPS packages give her a call on 0121 444 0500.
Sarah has enormous knowledge and understanding of physiology and how nutrition affects the body. She has worked with me to find benefits that fit into my lifestyle and within my personal constraints. She listens, is non-judgemental, encouraging and supportive. I derived huge benefits even after one session with her. I thoroughly recommend her.
I’m pretty much the healthiest I’ve ever been and that’s a lot to do with what you’ve done. I know how much you helped me and I can’t recommend you enough.
Sarah showed courage to take on a difficult case with my two boys. She has been professional and compassionate to their needs throughout tough times. I can say her knowledge and expertise has been just right at the right time. When we needed her most she was there with strong but gentle advice. I know the boys accept what she says with authority so it’s easy to give them what is asked when Sarah says it will help. This trust, she gently, calmly and expertly gained during our first interview with us. An huge thank you to you for what we have achieved. You have achieved more in only a few months and I wish I had known about you 8 years ago. As a mum I can’t tell you how grateful we are to you. The boys are eating healthy food and we look forward to being able to eat a Christmas dinner for the first time as a family rather than very restricted food. I have two healthy boys. For the first time they are getting stronger, growing, assimilating and digesting real food. We could not have done this without you. It is astonishing how much healthy food they eat now when they were extremely fussy eaters before
I have had severe constipation all of my life- but got extremely ill 8 years ago with an autoimmune disorder. Several diagnoses over the following 8 years including infertility (although through changing my diet I managed to prove them wrong 3 times!), connective tissue disorder, chronic fatigue, severe electrical sensitivity and total wi-fi intolerance, total brain fog, severe blood
sugar imbalances, the list goes on and on… I was 6 stone and could not get out of bed in the morning without collapsing due to dizziness

In addition to that I had a new born, a 2 year old and 3 year old all starting to display similar symptoms and getting worse. In fact I was certain my baby would be autistic and he was refusing to eat solids.

I eventually went on a raw vegan diet and through juicing, wheatgrass and major detox, many colonics, i found that i was passing parasites- something I’d caught in Jamaica 8 years earlier- through bio-meridian testing we identified another 18 types of parasites!

I researched and knew GAPs was the cure for gut issues so gave it a go. For 18 months i could not get better- I couldn’t tolerate any fats- not even a teaspoon and couldn’t get on the Gaps diet. Then I found Sarah- she held my hand every step of the way. Her advice is superb, her knowledge very thorough and her patience and support was vital- it is VERY tough to go through- you do really need someone to hold your hand especially when there’s 4 of you herxing like crazy!

I absolutely could not have got through it without Sarah – even though Id read the book- and others- she helped me understand the symptoms and the cures. She made sure i knew i had to get off the vegan diet to truly heal the gut. I eventually had a fatty acid analysis done and it was abysmal! So she was right!

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah as a nutritionist to anyone- but especially GAPs.

Thank you Sarah- you’ve helped save my family- there’s never been a truer phrase- ‘you are what you eat’

The gaps (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol has changed us as a family! My 13 month old granddaughter is a credit to Gaps – she has never eaten grains just good quality fats, vegetables, meat and fish, etc. and she is now thriving! My grandson is also doing much better after removing gluten from his diet. We are all doing so much better without grains and are passionate about gaps
huge thank you for your continuing support and professional advice and help.
H has 3 stone weight loss. B has had so many positives and myself …. 1 stone weight loss and coping so much more than ever.
Thank you
I don’t want to tempt providence, but as of now I feel as though I am ‘cured’. I have had no digestive issues or side effects, my blood pressure is normal and I look and feel much better