Can Nutrition Help With …. IBS?

Can Nutrition Help With IBS?

Every single case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) begins with some mild level of digestive dysfunction. Sometimes it doesn’t seem noticeable enough to be an issue and the mild symptoms or signs are ignored. eventually they develop into bigger more severe symptoms and issues and at this point IBS is usually diagnosed. IBS is an umbrella term which encompasses a wide variety of symptoms, yet, digestive dysfunction is the underlying cause. A nutritional consultation will help you to identify the specific issues with your digestion as well as any long-standing triggers that have contributed to the development of IBS. Then using the right foods and supplements for you you can begin to correct digestion and eliminate your IBS symptoms.

Food intolerances are always part of the IBS picture. A long-standing, unidentified food intolerance might have contributed to the development of IBS or the presence of IBS may have led to the development of food intolerances. Either way, an initial programme would involve removal of these foods.

Some people find relief using a low FODMAPS diet. This approach can provide temporary relief but may not address the digestive issues causing your symptoms. This can mean moving away from a low FODMAP diet can be problematic.

Over the long-term having IBS can lead to nutrient deficiencies which can affect your general health and wellbeing. Working with a nutritionist you can identify any possible nutrient deficiencies and begin a programme to address them.

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