Can Nutrition Help With …. fatigue?

Can Nutrition Help With Fatigue?

Feeling tired all the time (TATT) is the most common reason people visit their GP. Often blood tests reveal nothing of note leaving an individual feeling frustrated. That is where the right nutrition programme can fill the gap. Of course, nutrition can help with some of the obvious causes of fatigue – iron, B12 or other nutrient deficiency. However, a functional nutrition programme can also help with other causes of fatigue by restoring the body’s optimal function. By supporting the different systems in the body and the role they play in keeping up well and energised.

Fatigue can be caused by many or multiple issues. The NHS list the top 10 causes of fatigue as follows:

1. Coeliac Disease

2. Anaemia

3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

4. Sleep apnoea

5. Underactive thyroid

6. Diabetes

7. Glandular Fever

8. Depression

9. Restless Legs (causing poor sleep, leading to tiredness)

10. Anxiety

I would add that any lingering viruses can cause ongoing fatigue, not just glandular fever and that immune system support from a nutritional programme is usually needed.

Sadly, many people with coeliac disease, underactive thyroid and chronic fatigue syndrome go undiagnosed. Some people have borderline thyroid issues or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity which are more difficult to detect. That is why in our nutritional practice we use a combination of signs and symptoms analysis and an in-depth health history to uncover an individual’s issues. An experienced practitioner can usually identify key problems and possible solutions from this analysis alone.

If you are struggling with ongoing fatigue, book an appointment with a nutritionist to help you to move forward. Take along a print out of your blood test results from your GP if you have them. Sometimes there are some markers that although within range can be on the low side and these may be contributing to your fatigue.

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