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7 Signs of low thyroid function

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Low thyroid function occurs when the thyroid doesn’t make adequate amounts of hormones. This affects the body in many different ways resulting in a number of signs.

How many apply to you?

1. You’re tired most […]

  • post viral fatigue

Nutrition: Supporting post-viral recovery

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Supporting Post-Viral Recovery

A growing number of people are reporting ongoing symptoms after the acute phase of Covid-19. Post-viral recovery for many seems slow and ongoing. The main symptom being reported is debilitating fatigue; in some […]

  • Managing anxiety with nutrition

Nutrition: Managing anxiety naturally.

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A tendency to anxiety, is not just in the mind. The foods we eat, when we eat them and the foods we avoid are all important factors in anxiety. Physiological factors such as neurotransmitters, nutrient […]

Autism: A microbe for improved social connection?

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Gut feeling.

Probiotics are a common supplement used to strengthen the microbiome. We know that a healthy microbiome can have a positive influence on behaviour and well-being. We also know that colonies of clostridia-type bacteria and […]

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